Included in Course:
Learner workbooks, OHAS Act & Certificate

Course Contents:

OH&S ACT FOUNDATIONS: History of H&S Law in SA, understanding, purpose of the Act & Regulations. Other applicable legislation. The power of Inspectors and structure of DOL. Quality Management Systems. The C.E.O. EHS Representatives. Safety Committees.

EMPLOYER DUTIES: Section Extract. Implementation of Systems Ensuring Health & Safety. HIRA. Remedial Action. Information, Instruction, Training & Supervision. Intervention. Compliance and Enforcement. Scope of Authority. Reasonably Practicable.

EMPLOYEE DUTIES: To Self & Others. Compliance & Co-operation. IOD APPOINTMENTS, APPLICATIONS and ACCESS: Appointments. Application in the Workplace. Scaffolds and Ladders. Hazardous Materials.

Housekeeping and Site Safety. Access to Premises. Symbolic Signs. Registers and checklists. Tool Safety.

INVESTIGATION of INCIDENTS: Introduction. The Investigation process. Section 24 & 25. GAR 8 & 9. Reporting and documentation. Annexure I. Statistics and Trends.

COID ACT: General. Scope of Application. Report Submission. Report Forms (WCA). Medical and Monitoring.

HIRA: Risk Assessments. Accident theories. Assessment process. Analysis & control. HIRA review.

HIV AWARENESS: Introduction. History and Epidemiology. Defining HIV and AIDS. Transmission. Voluntary Testing and Counseling. Viral Replication.

Progression of the Disease. HIV/AIDS Prevention. Healthy Living. PRIMARY EMERGENCY CARE INTERVENTION: Shock. Consciousness. Recovery Position. Safety. Airways. Breathing. CPR. Bleeding. Recovery. Transportation & Reports.

FIRE AWARENESS: The Fire Triangle. Classification of Fire. Fire Extinguisher. SOP’s. Practical Exercise. Hazards and Risks.

EMERGENCY AND EVACUATION PLANNING: The Premises. General Evacuation Procedures. Emergency Procedures. Key Personnel. Policies. Shut Down and Restart. Available Resources. Training & Records. Roll Call.

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